onsdag, augusti 19, 2009

The difference between Jesus and Mohammed

(Have in mind that english is not my first language. Should you see any errors in my spelling or grammar, please let me know)

"What would Jesus do" is a common question among many christians. A question to ask one self then faced with a difficult decision.
Jesus is Christianity's most important prophet, and to live ones life in accordance with his teachings would probably many say is the essence of what it means to be Christian.
It is the same in Islam. The Quran describes Muhammad as the most perfect human being who ever lived. With this background it is only natural for Muslims to see him as a role model and his deeds as an inspiration.
Both religions have their prophet, their spiritual role model by which to live you are to live your life. Much of the Christian and Muslim mentality and behavior should thus be explained by looking at how Jesus and Muhammad lived their life. Let us do this.

Preached a message of love, forgiveness and solidarity.
Became angry one time when he saw people exchange money and sell goods in a temple and then knocked over a few tables.

Raped female captives.
Engaged in slave trade.
Had sex with a 9-year-old girl.
Robbed caravans and stole other people's possessions.
Advocated the oppression of women.
Murdered and banished "infidels".

Islam's dark history and its equally dark present is thus no wonder. A Muslim who practice slavery, murder of "infidels" or oppresses his wife or daughter is not a fundamentalist who has "hijacked" Islam as some politically correct debaters like to claim. On the contrary, these Muslims live just as their prophet has taught them.
This is one of the main differences between Christianity and Islam, between Jesus and Mohammad. Throughout history were has also been evil deeds committed in the name of Christianity, but unlike the evil acts committed in Islam's name they can not be justified by their religion's main prophet. They have been acts of individuals, not an expression of Christian faith.